General Job/Interview Prep

Package 1: General Assessment (*required before booking another session)

We will meet to assess your needs based on what you would like to work on and what we think needs work as well.  We will determine what areas need focus (ranging from image to interview to resume).  First full session will be booked during this time!

*Session required prior to booking others

Package 2: Creating your interview toolbox

Our interview tool box is meant to ease the interview process- in a session we would create your toolbox together.  This toolbox is a method unique to The Prep Talk and is something you will not get anywhere else!

*Session required prior to mock interview 

Package 3: Mock Interview

We will do the research for you and make sure this mock interview simulates the type of interview you will be experiencing.  Feedback is provided and more!

Package 4:  Image Consulting

Have you ever considered your overall image or appearance going in to an interview?  Of course you have!  Could you be missing the mark on something?  Potentially. We will help you find YOUR perfect look from wardrobe, makeup and beyond.

Package 6: Paperwork/Application prep

Having a hard time standing out on paper?  We got your back!  We cover everything from job applications to resumes and cover letters.