Pageant Prep

Package 1: General Assessment  

In this session, we will create a detailed outline of the preparation steps and timeline, along with necessary sessions, all of which is based on what you want to work on and what we recommend.

Package 2: The Tool Box

Our interview tool box is meant to ease the interview process. In a session, we would create your toolbox together.  Your toolbox is comprised of your personal experiences, qualities and skills that judges HAVE TO know about you throughout the pageant process.

*This must be completed before a mock interview session*

Package 3: Mock Interview

We will do the research for you and make sure this mock interview simulates the type of interview you will be experiencing.  Written feedback will be provided along with other practice questions.  Depending on pageant platform – we will cover social impact initiatives, current events, etc.

Package 5: Achieving the Miss X Look

We will work with your current wardrobe and make recommendations on outfit selection, makeup and hair styling/color. If new outfits are needed, we will send you recommendations as well.

Package 6: Paperwork/Application prep

Judges will typically “see” you for the first time on paper.  You have to make your paperwork jump out!  In this session we will do just that.

Package 7: Presentation

On stage presentation is one major way to convey confidence and capability as a future winner of their pageant.  In this session we will focus on posing on and off stage, body language/non verbal cues and more.