Pro Cheer/Dance Audition Prep

Package 1: Starter Kit 

In this session, we will create a detailed outline of the preparation steps and timeline, along with necessary sessions, all of which is based on what you want to work on and what we recommend.

Package 2: The  Interview Tool Box

Our interview tool box is meant to ease the interview process. In a session we would create your toolbox together.  Your toolbox is comprised of your personal experiences, qualities and skills that judges HAVE TO know about you throughout the audition process.

*This must be completed before a mock interview session*

Package 3: Mock Interview

We will do the research for you and make sure this mock interview simulates the type of interview you will be experiencing.  Feedback is provided and more!

Package 4: Mentality Prep

It is crucial to go in to an interview or audition with the right mindset.  How committed are you?  How much work are you willing to put into this? The audition process can be overwhelming. We will get you set up and headed in the right direction.

Package 5: Achieving the NFL cheer look

We will match you with wardrobe, hair and makeup that brings out the best YOU. In this session you will learn tips and tricks from veteran NFL cheerleaders!

Package 6: Paperwork/Application prep

One of the most overlooked steps is the paperwork and application process.  For many audition processes, this is the first the judges/coaching staff see of you!  You have to be able to bring your paperwork to life and we will help you do just that.

Package 7: Presentation

Have you ever seen a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader slouch?  Or a hair out of place?  The answer is no.  We will help you with modeling, posing and non verbal cues consistent with pro cheerleaders!