The Prep Talk is a personal development and branding company that helps bring the best you to life on paper and in interviews. Whether it’s for a spot on the sidelines, a position in the corporate world, a school internship or Miss America stage… we can help you! 

With our experience and success, we know what it takes to showcase your best self. More importantly, we will show you HOW you can do that!  We’ve designed packages that instill self confidence and help you create your personal interview “tool box” to help you land your next dream job.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
I couldn’t imagine my journey to the sidelines without the support and guidance I received. I valued the insight that was offered as successful veterans from Alicia and Nicolette, and the check-ins leading up to finals and throughout boot camp made me feel like I had my own personal cheerleaders in my corner. Thank you, Nicolette and Alicia, for supporting me as I achieved my dream!


I worked with Nicolette for Miss MA USA 2021 and it was the best decision! She is kind, helpful, insightful, experienced, and knows exactly what she is talking about. She helped me feel confident and prepared every time we worked together, but especially during walking sessions and with her expertise around interviews. Her interview tool box gave me everything I needed to speak passionately and confidently. I would recommend Nicolette to anyone looking to get involved in the pageant world!


I cannot say thank you enough to Alicia and Nicolette for all they did to help me prepare for tryouts! I know I walked into tryouts more confident because of all of their guidance and support! I always looked up to both ladies throughout the years auditioning, and to work with them both was inspiring! I’m truly so thankful for everything they did for me, and I’m excited to be living this dream! Thank you again Nicolette and Alicia!


Founded in 2019 by Alicia Harrington and Nicolette Peloquin, The Prep Talk, is a personal development and branding company out of Massachusetts.

Questions about our services? Shoot us an email!